All-In-One-WP Migration increase import limit of 512MB

Do you want to increase the upload limit of All-In-One-WP Migration or you are looking for All-In-One-Wp Migration unlimited extension zip file then you are luckily on the right place.After this You can be able to upload any size of the backup into your new Hosting or WordPress.

Generally All-in-one-wp-migration provides the maximum upload limit of 512MB for free.

If you have not yet installed file extension to increase the limit by 512MB(for shorter sites) then here you go,

Download and upload the plugin and activate it to increase the upload limit by 512MB (for shorter sites)

get 512MB by installing the extension in All-I-One-WP Migration


If your site backup is more than 512MB and you are stuck up with this error,

then don’t worry just follow the below methods to get unlimited uploading size.

cannot upload more than 512MB error

Increase the import limit more than 512MB:

First of all download the All-in-One-WP Migration plugin in wordpress and activate the plugin and follow the methods below,

1st Method:

  • Go to your plugins in your newly installed WordPress of your new Hosting.

  • Then click on plugin Editor under plugins  section.

  • You need to select the All-In-One-WP Migration plugin search box on right side.

go to search box


  • Go to the constants.php file to edit the plugin editor to increase the upload limit.

go to constants.php


  • You need to edit constants.php file in order to increase the upload limit.

// =================

// = Max File Size =

// =================

define( ‘AI1WM_MAX_FILE_SIZE’, 536870912 * 60 );

  • Scroll down, there you will find AI1WM MAX FILE SIZE.
  • Simply, change the value to 20 as shown above.
  • Then save changes then check the maximum upload size on the plugin.
  • There you go your maximum upload size increased to 10GB

For the successful working of this method you must use or have the All-In-One-WP Migration version 6.77 or below.

If you are not having that then just follow the below methods carefully.

2nd Method:

If the above method is not working then this method is for you.

By this method you can upload your file of limit 32GB easily.

Just you need to install the extension given in the below link.

Install All-In-One-WP Migration import extension [32GB]

For this to work you need to install All-In-One WP Migration version 6.68.

Just Download the file and upload it to the plugins in your new wordpress and activate the plugin.

Now You can Upload any file with-in 32GB.

you can easily download from here 32gb in All-In-One-WP Migration

I think now you can easily upload any file up to 32GB, But what if your size is more than 32GB.

If your download is struck at 100% then follow this link.

Follow the below step as it is the last hope to make you leave happy from here.

3rd Method:

Generally, You can repeat the first method but the thing you need to do is to multiply the figures with any integer.

So, you can get more uploading size than 32GB.

If it’s not working for you then you can do two things:

  • Migrate through C-panel:

You can easily migrate you site with the help of C-panel. The Simple steps to follow are:

  1.                First of all, Before doing anything generate backup of your whole website.
  2.                You need to download upload the backup into your new hosting using FTP.
  3.                Request c-panel to restore your account through new hosting.
  4.                Update the name-servers to point to the new hosting.
  5.                Your same site gets live with the new hosting.


  • Get Premium extension

Just go through this if and only if the above all the methods not worked for you. If you want to upload the file size more than 32GB then you can buy their premium plan of 69 dollars for lifetime.(This method is not recommended as many free options are available in market to transfer your website).

So that you can upload unlimited file size for many number of sites.

Final Words:

I hope that now you have successfully increased the upload limit of all in one wp migration. I think there might be few people who have not solved their problem due to their new version of all in one wp migration plugin or due to the extension. If you are having any small problem or issue related to this then do just feel free to comment below, So that I can reply with-in hours.




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