7 Best FPS Counter For Windows Games

In PC gaming, FPS matters a lot. More FPS, you have better the gaming experience you get. And to get a smoother gaming experience, you must count FPS or frames per second. And to count FPS, you will need the best FPS counter.

Although, these days, most of the games come with an in-built FPS counter, but still, there are a lot of PC games that do not. The top FPS counters that you can install on your Windows PC.

But first, let’s just know about FPS and why it matters so much. So here we go:

What is FPS in Gaming?

FPS stands for Frame Per Second, and it is a unit that measures display device performance. It shows you the number of how many times an image on your Monitor is getting displayed each second. The higher the FPS is, the smoother and responsive the game will be. But on the other hand, if you get low FPS, it will make the game look dull, and it will not be enjoyable.

Why are FPS matters in gaming?

FPS is essential if you are a serious gamer. And all the pro gamers and competitive gamers always go for the highest FPS rate possible. When your Monitor offers you a better FPS rate, you will get to see smoother animations, lowest latency, and less amount of distraction effects.


7 Best FPS Counter For Windows Games

1. GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience is one of the best FPS counters that you can use for your Windows computer. And in case if you are using an Nvidia GPU, this is the must-have tool.
With this tool, you cannot just count FPS. But you can also capture and share videos, screenshots, and live streams with your friends. Also, it helps you to keep your drivers up to date and optimize your game settings.
So overall, this software helps you in a lot of ways. Also, it kills the need to install a third-party FPS counter on your computer.
Moreover, you can go through the settings of GeForce Experience and make the tool more personalized.download the software free of cost on your computer.

Download GeForce Experience

2. Fraps


If you want a dedicated tool to count FPS, then do check out Fraps. It is the best FPS counter software, and there is no doubt in that.
This one is a Universal Windows application that offers you quite a lot of features. And you can use this software for games running on DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.
With this software, you are also getting a benchmarking software. So you can see how many frames per second you are getting. You can also perform custom benchmarks and measures the frame rate between any two points.
You will also be getting a screen capture software. So you can easily take a screenshot with one press of a key and record your gameplay. The best part is that Fraps can capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second.

Download Fraps

3. Dxtory


Dxtory is the best FPS counter that you can use. The software is pretty smooth and works speedily.
The software acquires data directly from the surface memory buffer. As a result, the software works at a pretty high speed and works with a small load.
Moreover, it is a movie capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL applications. You can record your gameplay at a higher resolution. It lacks certain features like you cannot directly stream your gameplay on Facebook or YouTube.
But you get lots of customization options. So you can easily customize the app according to your likings. Also, it is free to download this software.

Download Dxtory

4. RadeonPro


If you have a Radeon series GPU, then RadeonPro is the must-have tool that you should install on your computer.
The software features basic 3D controls, which are found on the Catalyst Control Center. You also get some advanced features like advanced V-Sync control and post-processing-based anti-aliasing like SMAA. Also, yes, with this one, you can count FPS.
Moreover, the software helps you to fine-tune your video games and make them look better and smoother. And to do so, the software uses Dynamic V-sync Control (DVC) and Dynamic Frame rate Control (DFC).
You can use the software to record your gameplay, take screenshots, and do post-production with the gameplay. Overall, the software is also free to download, so go ahead and give it a try.


Download RadeonPro

5. Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam Screen Recorder

For my next pick, I have the Bandicam Screen Recorder; it one of the best FPS counters that you can use for your PC.
This one is easy to use, a free screen recorder for Windows. With this software’s help, you can capture any area of your screen, either as a screenshot or a video file.
However, you might wonder why you should use a screen recorder for counting FPS? However, let me tell you that this software offers you a dedicated feature for recording gameplays.
When you record your gameplays with this software, you gill get to see the FPS count at the bottom corner.


Download Bandicam Screen Recorder

6. Steam In-game FPS Counter


As a PC gamer, you probably already have Steam installed on your computer. It is a popular game digital distribution where you can buy games and connect with other players online. Also, for multiplayer games, Steam is essential software.

However, you might not know, but Steam also comes with a tool that counts FPS. And you can enable it by going to the settings.there is no need for you to install any third party FPS counter.

To enable the FPS counter, follow these steps:

  • First of all, launch Steam.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • From the sidebar, select In-Game
  • Now from the In-game FPS Counter dropdown menu, select the location, and you are all done.


steam in-app fps counter

Download Steam

7. Razer Cortex

razer cortex

In the end, I have Razer Cortex. It is also one of the popular tools made for gamers. And it features lots of useful tools.

With the help of this tool, you can boost your gaming performance, backup saved games, record game footage, and count FPS.  The tools allow you to find great deals on games.

Also, as it features a game booster, so it can improve your gaming experience by cleaning up your system. Also, it will improve your frame rate by using it’s inbuilt optimization tools.

Plus, it will close the unneeded background software. So your games can run faster and smoother. You can download the software for free.

Download Razer Cortex

So those were the seven best FPS counters. Now go ahead and check these FPS counters out and see which one is working the best. Also, if there is anything else you want to ask, then comment below.

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