Blackmart Alpha apk download (2020 Version !)

Getting paid apps off of Google Play Store can be quite a chore. Especially when your budget is tight and you cannot afford to pay for mobile applications. For this job, we will be using Blackmart Alpha which will make your day. Don’t worry as I will guide you step by step through Blackmart alpha apk download as well as installation.

If you are looking for another way to get those premium games for free, then this article can surely help you !

What is Blackmart Alpha apk ?

Blackmart Alpha apk

Simply put, Blackmart alpha is an app store application. This means that it is somewhat of a storefront for free applications, games, software etc.

Unlike the Google Play Store, Blackmart Alpha has every application for free. The best part is that the applications which you find on the Play Store for money, you can get them here for free.

So, the main purpose of Blackmart Alpha is to make paid applications for free and have a storefront to keep all of these in one place.

But, before heading into the article, there is one thing to keep in mind.

Because Blackmart Alpha hosts countless applications on its store, there is a high risk of you downloading an application infected with a virus. It is highly advised to check the exact versions of the application and look up the details so that you don’t infect and brick your phone.

Features of Blackmart Alpha

With the basics out of the way. Let’s get to how useful Blackmart Alpha is and how helpful it is to the average user :-

1. Easy to download and install

Blackmart Alpha is easy to download and install. It takes 5 minutes at max to get ready for using the application. Also it doesn’t require much work to get it up and running.

I will guide you through these steps, so don’t worry about that.

2. Easy to use

Blackmart Alpha is simplistic in nature. You can get what you want just by typing the name in the search bar and that’s it.

There are no strings attached, no surveys asking your personal details and no spam whenever you type in a name in the search bar.

3. Free applications, games and software

Blackmart Alpha is a huge place in terms of Android applications. This implies that you can get applications which may or may not be available on the Play Store too.

Not to mention that they are 100% free with no catches.

It will be interesting to discover such hidden apps. Who knows, you may find some hidden gems that you might not have not known otherwise.

4. Automatic Updates

Just like Play Store, App store and the like, Blackmart Alpha also has automatic updates. So whenever, the owner of the file updates the app, it will instantly start updating and you will have the latest version on your hands.

Miscellaneous features

Unlike other app stores, Blackmart Alpha also possesses these cool elements which enhance your experience !

Automatic Installation

This is something really cool that the competition doesn’t have. If you are using app stores aside from the mainstream ( Play store, App store), you will find that apps do not install themselves after downloading.

So, this feature of Blackmart Alpha can save some time, if you are looking to dive head in fast into some game which you really liked.

Your apps

Blackmart Alpha also can host your apps for free. Therefore, if you were looking to test your own app in the waters too, Blackmart Alpha can help you with that.

How to download Blackmart Alpha apk on an Android device ?

1. First off, download the apk on your Android device from the given link

Download :- Blackmart Alpha apk

Blackmart Alpha apk

2. After that, when you tap on the download apk, it will usually ask you to give permission to install from unknown sources.

3. Go to Settings tab and then move over to the Security tab.

4. There, check the box for Install from Unknown Sources.

Blackmart Alpha apk

5. Next, it is only a matter of time before Blackmart Alpha is installed on your device.

6. Open it up and enjoy !

How to download Blackmart Alpha apk on Windows ?

1. Firstly, download Blackmart Alpha apk file on your Windows PC.

Download :- Blackmart alpha apk

Blackmart Alpha apk

2. Open up your emulator (Bluestacks, Nox etc).

3. Click on the install apk option and it will open up a search bar.

4. Navigate to the area where you had downloaded the Blackmart Alpha apk file and double click it.

5. Wait for a few seconds/minutes and it will finish installation.

6. Enjoy !


  1. Is Blackmart Alpha safe to install ?

Absolutely ! Blackmart Alpha apk doesn’t pose any threats to your device. You can rest assured and check the Install from Unknown Sources option. The only thing that can hurt your device are the applications which you will install.

2. Are all the applications for free ?

Yes, and this is not a hoax. All applications available on Blackmart Alpha are free of cost.

3. Can I use it on any other devices except Android ?

The only devices I can think of where Blackmart is available are Windows. That too, is only possible with an emulator. Sadly, iOS users cannot avail Blackmart’s features due to Apple’s strict app store policies.

Conclusion :-

Blackmart Alpha is an amazing store front which provides free applications to everyone.

Available on the Android platform and free to use. Give it a try and you will surely like it !


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