Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10 Fix It easily

If you are frustrated as your Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10 then Fix it easily, I am here to help you out.

I will tell you out all the ways to get back the icon into its place.

Before that, check these alternatives to check whether the Bluetooth icon is present on your pc or not.

Steps :-

1. Check the icons in the taskbar and notification icon whether the Bluetooth icon is present or not.


check in the taskbar hidden icons


check in notification icon

2. Check-in Bluetooth and other devices settings whether the image is current or not.

check in settings

If it is not showing the icons then without wasting time let’s start.

Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10 (Fix Now):

1. Enable Bluetooth icon from Bluetooth & other devices settings:

  •   Search for Bluetooth and other devices in the Start search box.

go to settings through search box

  • On the Right side, Go to more Bluetooth options

go to more bluetooth options

  • In that, enable the Bluetooth by clicking the show Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

check the dialog box

  • Then press Apply and Ok.

By this step, you can have the Bluetooth icon in the taskbar hidden icons.
I have seen some might face a problem of missing Bluetooth options in the settings.

2. Check whether Bluetooth services are Working or not.

The working and functionality of Bluetooth wholly depend on Bluetooth Support Service.
So, check whether it is working or not.


  • Press Windows Key +R (⊞Win +R) to open a Run dialog box and search for services.msc, or you can search on start search box for Services in windows.

Type services.msc

  • Click on Bluetooth Support Service and click to Restart.Restart it
  • Click again and go to properties and check whether it’s running or not.

check running or not

  • If It’s not working, then click Start.

Now check the Bluetooth status on your settings. If it’s not working, then follow the next step.
Follow the next step if the Bluetooth option is missing from your device, and there is no icon to enable it.


3. Re-Installing the Bluetooth driver

It would be best to uninstall the device manager’s Bluetooth driver to update it with the new one. So let’s begin with that:

  • Go to Device manager from This pc >Properties>Device Manager or search in the start search box for device manager.


check bluetooth

  • If Bluetooth is not on the list, then click on view>show hidden devices. Here, you can probably see the Bluetooth option.

method 1:

Right-click on Bluetooth and click on Scan for hardware changes.

If it doesn’t work, then proceed to the next method. Don’t worry; you will get back the Bluetooth service at the end of this blog. Just Read On.

scan for hardware changes

If it doesn’t work, then proceed to the next method. Don’t worry; you will get back the Bluetooth service at the end of this blog. Just Read On.

method 2:

It would help if you uninstalled the Bluetooth adapter driver, and you should reboot your system to update the uninstalled driver automatically by the system itself.

method 3:

If your system cannot update your driver after reboot, then follow this method:

Again go to Device Manager and follow the first method again of Scanning for hardware changes.

scan for hardware changes

Then your system will automatically detect the latest Bluetooth Driver and installs it.
Sadly, If the driver is not updated by chance, then, follow the next method.

method 4:

You can update the Bluetooth driver manually by installing the latest version of it.

update the bluetooth driver manually

Now, check the taskbar with the Bluetooth icon waiting for you to access it.

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Final Words:

So, I think your problem is now resolved and surf with the Bluetooth Back. This problem is faced by many users due to the old Bluetooth driver or many reasons.
Still, If your problem is not resolved, then you feel free to comment below so that I can reply to your comment with-in a few minutes.






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