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Before we get to the article, we’ll see what an affiliate program is, and then about FastComet affiliate program review.Now, our first question is what an affiliate program is? Simply put, these are arrangements in which an online merchant web site pays sites affiliated with it a commissions to give them exposure and web traffic.

The affiliate websites usually have banners, links, or advertisements with the merchant web site and redirect web traffic to the merchant’s site.

Suppose a link, banner, or an advertisement reel in money for the merchant website, the merchant site pays the affiliate site according to their agreement.

Next, let’s see

What FastComet is:

FastComet is a web hosting service provider and Domain Registration Company .

It is relatively new to the web hosting industry, compared to the other giants who have been sticking around for decades.

FastComet has 11 data centers worldwide, which is quite a lot as other companies in this business only keep a maximum of only two or three.

FastComet also offers a domain registration service, and the price depends on the domain you have selected.  To make site building even easier, FastComet has its application called FastComet Sitebuilder.

It has various backgrounds and attractive themes for different purposes like Business, Blogging, Portfolio, Software, Restaurants, Real Estate, Entertainment, and more.

It allows for the easy creation of a brand new and fantastic website.

What FastComet’s affiliate program is:

It provides decent commission for each sale fastcomet affiliate

FastComet promises its affiliates with a well-designed policy in its affiliate program.

It has a multi-tier affiliate program with the increasing commission in each tier and rewarding you as you make each sale.

Joining the fast comet affiliate program is free, and you will get paid every time you refer a new customer to FastComet, and the customer subscribes to the plans FastComet offers.

The better you advertise and market to your colleagues, friends, and visitors of your websites, the more you earn!

Next, let’s see what tools and features FastComet offers in helping its affiliates get better marketing done.

Fastcomet affiliate features:

  • Quick and Easy Sharing Tools:- FastComet provides its affiliates with links to all hosting plans and services. As these links are the backbones of affiliate marketing, having them available on hand can be quite a lifesaver for aggressive promotions and advertising.
  • Real-time Tracking: – FastComet gives you a clean and neat dashboard that contains all the details which you would ever need to improve your campaigning. It tracks how many raw and unique clicks you have received on your links and advertisements.
  • Long Cookie Duration: – FastComet has a cookie duration of 60 days. If a customer had clicked on your link and had redirected to FastComet but bought a plan within 60 days of clicking, you still received the credit of bringing the customer over to FastComet.
  • Promotional Materials: – FastComet provides all the particulars you will need for ad campaigning take, for instance, banners and such.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard: – The Dashboard will be your control panel to track your campaigns and to monitor your earnings.
  • Starting Bonus: – FastComet provides a $10 welcome bonus for signing up to their affiliate program. You can redeem this amount along with the first payout of your earned commissions.
  • Affiliate Manager Support: – A team of dedicated affiliate managers are ready to answer any queries or doubts you might have in this field. Sound advice is constructive in aiming even higher.

let’s go through the

earnings and sales part:

earning with fastcomet

The multi-tier affiliate program consists of 4 tiers, and you can climb up the levels by increasing the number of sales.

1st Tier:-   1-5 sales in any given month.

2nd Tier:- 6-10 sales in any given month.

3rd Tier:- 11-20 sales in any given month.

4th Tier:- 20+ sales in any given month.

They hold the sales in pending state for a span of 45 days.

They provide the commission after checking the viability of the affiliate sale by their terms and conditions.

If the client who purchase with your affiliate link, By chance If he cancels the plan to have their refund then your sale gets declined.

That’s why there is 45 days span of time to make the commission from pending to approved state.

As Fastcomet provides 45  day buy back guarantee to the client.

So, the client can cancel their plan and avail for the refund of their plan.

Depending on the hosting plan and your tier, you will obtain your commissions. The list of payouts is as follows: –

Shared Hosting:-

  • 1st Tier:- $50 per sale
  • 2nd Tier:- $75 per sale
  • 3rd Tier:- $100 per sale
  • 4th Tier:- $125 per sale

VPS Hosting:

  • 1st Tier:- $75 per sale
  • 2nd Tier:- $100 per sale
  • 3rd Tier:- $125 per sale
  • 4th Tier:- $150 per sale

Dedicated Hosting:

  • 1st Tier:- $100 per sale
  • 2nd Tier:- $125 per sale
  • 3rd Tier:- $150 per sale
  • 4th Tier:- $200 per sale


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My Personal Experience with Fastcomet Affiliate:

I have gone through this affiliate program by placing there affiliate links on one of my sites.

My affiliate links provided 4 sales out of which 2 of my sales approved and other 2 were declined.

Then I have contacted their Customer support and they told that the client who bought through my link has cancelled their hosting plan.

So, I recieved the payment of my two approved sales.

Overall with my experience, The customer support is friendly in nature and responsive and Fastcomet affiliate is the great affiliate program.

In conclusion, FastComet is one of the fastest-growing web hosting service providers of the decade. It has a very well managed and thought of affiliate program. I would suggest giving it a try and see if it is to your liking.

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