Top 5 games like a town uncovered (2021 list)

A town uncovered is a pretty interesting game when it comes to visual novels available on the Android OS. It is similar to the sandbox genre of games where the game doesn’t have any set objective to complete.

In this game too, the only objective is to enjoy the game’s settings and characters. Visiting places, meeting and befriending new characters while developing your own skills is a nice change of pace if you are coming from those massive AAA games.

So, if you have enjoyed A town uncovered and want to play something with similar flavor to it, here is a good list of alternatives i.e games like A town uncovered.

Games like A town Uncovered

So, here we begin with the list of games like A town uncovered. Check these games out and enjoy them at your own leisure.

1.Town of Passion

Games Like A Town Uncovered

Town of Passion is an RPG game where you play as a villager in a town populated by beautiful women of varying species. The goal of the game is to win over the hearts of these women and enjoy the “fruits” of your labor afterwards.

It is available for free and can be quite a good time killer if you liked A town Uncovered.

2. Higurashi When They Cry

Games Like A Town Uncovered

Higurashi When They Cry is a visual novel, so it plays similar to A town uncovered. But, the stark difference here is that the plot revolves around a bizarre mystery.

The protagonist comes to reside in the country side village of Hinamizawa due to some circumstances. But, strange activities are afoot and the protagonist finds themselves right in the center of it.

I do not want to spoil the story and it is best enjoyed when experienced by yourself. Check it out and enjoy the game.

Check it out here :- Higurashi When They Cry Episode 1

3. ALLBLACK Phase 1

Games Like A Town Uncovered

This one too is another visual novel. ALLBLACK Phase 1 is a sci-fi game. The story is based on a light novel so if you know the source material, it might be even more enjoyable for you.

The story revolves around an amnesiac being pursued by a bunch of mysterious people. He must avoid being captured, discover who he was and find out why he is being pursued in the first place.

The game has top notch visuals and is free to play too.

Download it here :- ALLBLACK Phase 1

4. How Stories Die

Games Like A Town Uncovered

Next up on the list of games like A town uncovered, we have How Stories Die.

The story of How Stories Die can seem strange/eccentric, but given enough time, it can grow on you.

Basically, Horace the prince of Alteria is tasked with finding the true hero who can defeat the demon king. But, the problem arises when they beautiful maidens claim themselves as the true hero.

Even more trouble is on the way as the demon king starts threatening his kingdom and a mysterious enemy surfaces.

The game is around 25-35 hours long, is enjoyable and you start to immerse yourself in the story.

Download it here :- How Stories Die

5. TAISHO x ALICE episode 1

Games Like A Town Uncovered

TAISHO x ALICE is an otome visual novel. Meaning that instead of the main character being a male and courting beautiful women, it is the opposite.

Here, the female protagonist must choose their “Prince Charming”and lead them to their “Happily Ever After”. You might recognize the premise of this game from age old bed time stories like Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and the like.

It is a fun concept and is executed wonderfully. Check it out and play the game !

Download it here :- TAISHO x ALICE

Final Words !

This wraps up the topic games like A town uncovered. It was quite a ride discovering these games and looking up the stories and such.

I hope that even you get to enjoy these beautifully crafted games in all their glory.

Give them a try and you will not be disappointed !


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