Top 11 best games like HuniePop to checkout (latest May 2021)

So Guys, Are you looking for games like HuniePop? Are you tired of replaying the game over and over? Or you want something that is light and fun and hits your buttons the right way? Well then, maybe I do have something for you. In this article, I will be going through several games that are Huniepop Alternatives or similar Games to it. This article will encompass those games that have similar gameplay or similar genres in comparison to HuniePop. But first, let’s have a look at why HuniePop is revered as a good game. If you have already played HuniePop, you can skip ahead to the list then.

HuniePop is one of those games which don’t have a single focus.

It combines various genres and sections of gameplay, which you can find in different games.

It includes puzzle solving, dating simulation, match-three type, and finally, a visual novel style. The story is mainly told through a visual novel setting. It involves the player reading through the dialogues and giving an appropriate response. But, the main focus in the game is improving your likability and dating girls. The art style of the characters is good. The best part is that there are not one, not two, but several characters that you have to date. It increases the re-playability of the game and makes you come back to finish it one more time.

Games like HuniePop:-

1. Mirror

The mirror is a match-three type game. The gameplay is similar to that of HuniePop, being that you’ll have to match three tiles or elements which are identical in shape and size. The story pans out in a visual novel setting. The goal of the game is simple. Conquering the hearts of scantily clad women. The story is not linear, which means that your choices affect the ending and the game’s outcome.

The game is not free, though. But the silver lining in this is that it is very cheap. It costs a dollar or two for you, and you can get it off a sale when it is more affordable.It is one of the best games like huniepop.

2. Crush Crush

Crush Crush is an idle dating sim. If you aren’t familiar with idle games, let me clear that up first. Idle games involve the game elements where even if you exit the game after playing, it keeps going on. For example, maybe the gold or money starts collecting, and after you come back to play again, you’ll notice that you have even more than before. Anyways, in Crush Crush, you will have the opportunity to earn money by doing various jobs.

It will allow you to buy even more expensive and exotic stuff that you can use on your dates. You can choose which girl you like the most and give her gifts or even go on dates with her, depending on your statistics. Either way, it is a fun little game, and it is free to play. So it is worth trying it out if you have the time.

3. Heart Girl:Starlight

This one is a casual and small puzzle-solving game. The gameplay is finding hidden objects in each picture. You have to drag, drop, and click on items to proceed through the game. But, the art of the game is where the money is more. The artist of the game have done a great job in creating those characters and pictures.

The eye candy department of this game is outstanding. Also, in bonuses, it might help in increasing your perception and cognition. Sadly, it is not free to play games, but it is cheap, around a dollar.


It is another idle dating game. But, this one is much easier and simpler to play. The story is that the player is a summoner with an obsession with monster girls. So, your task is to collect enough money to summon various types of monster girls like a centaur, spider, slime, lamia, the devil, etc. The art of the game is pretty decent. The game is censored, meaning that the adult scenes are cut out of the game. But, there is an 18+ patch available on the internet, which you can download for free.

It has the cut-out content in it and is completely uncensored. The game if free to play but has microtransactions. But, with enough patience, you can complete the whole game without buying anything. The only thing needed here is time. It took me a month to finish it without giving in to microtransactions.

5. NEKOPARA series

NEKOPARA is a light-hearted visual novel for anime and cute things enthusiasts. You, the player, are the manager of a patisserie. To your surprise, you find two cute cat girls hidden in the previous master’s belongings. These two felines then change your everyday life as you find yourself managing the shop with them. This game is fun to play, and the story is quite a treat.

The characters are fleshed out, beautiful, and fully voice acted. So, if you are into catgirls and maids, I’d recommend this game. It is not free to play, though.

6. love wish 2

Love wish 2 is a leisure puzzle-solving game. The main gameplay element here is solving puzzles to reveal pictures. Well, these pictures contain girls in suggestive poses and clothes. The pictures are animated as well. There are a total of 20 puzzles to solve, each corresponding to a single girl. The art style of the characters is reasonable enough and is very good. Coming from HuniePop, you’ll enjoy this game too.

This game is not free to play, as well. It Costs around two dollars in regional pricing. It has a couple of downloadable content (which is not free) for extra content after you have finished the game. Have a look and maybe give it a try if you like it.

7. AI*Shoujo/AI*少女

It is a relatively new title released on 17 March 2020. But, the sheer size of this game dwarfs its competitors. It is a simulation crafting and survival game at its core. But don’t let this fool you. You, the player, are stranded on a deserted island. As luck would have it, the islands only other inhabitants are beautiful ladies. The women in the game look so realistic. You might as well compare them to real life. The developers outdid themselves on this part.
The AI controlling the NPC’s is very well fleshed out. You can observe them doing various activities like working, playing, or just plain old resting during the day and night. You can hunt, fish, gather food, play with NPC’s, or even relax at the beach or the house that you make. Plus, there is an 18+ patch out there for those looking for something extra (Hehe !). But, the open problem with this game is that the price is too high. Of course, you can get this game cheaper or buy it if you’ve got money to throw around. The problem is that the price doesn’t exactly justify the whole game.


8. Yokai’s Secret

Yokai’s Secret is a color arrangement puzzle game. Basically, you’re going to have to move blocks of respective colors, so they form a pattern of sorts. It is simple on paper and can be easily done by anyone. The story advances as you progress through these puzzles. Or, if the game’s words, the world begins to gain color. There is a total of 14 characters (all of them Yokai girls) with crisp animated cut scenes for each of them. All of them are voice acted too. So, this might quench your thirst if you are looking for something like HuniePop badly. It is an inexpensive game and is worth the try at its price.

9. VR Kanojo

This one is going to be new if you haven’t seen games of this kind. VR Kanojo is a Virtual Reality dating simulation game. Yes, you saw that right Virtual Reality. It means the game will feel like you are the one doing the stuff that you previously saw on the screen. You, the player, are the neighbor of Sakura Yuuhi. So, you get the chance to interact with her every day. You can customize her appearance, have chats with her, adjust the room’s lighting, and all that.
So, it will indeed feel like living another life inside the game. Bonus, it comes with an 18+ patch so you can live out your fantasies in VR now. This game also means that you’re going to need a VR headset for this. If you have one already, then definitely give this game a try.

10. HunieCam Studio

From the creators of HuniePop themselves, comes HunieCam Studio. In this game, you can easily assume the role of a cam girl manager. You will have to recruit people who are willing to step into this daring game to make cash. You’ll have a selection of 18 girls with different preferences. Meaning, you’ll have to be mindful of each one’s tastes and stuff.

You can have the option of sending them to relaxation centers like spas, restaurants, and all to better boost their workability. The game also introduces a new system of STD’s. Well, it also has a lot of stuff that I’m not going to describe right now. Ultimately, your goal is to rake as much cash as you can. Be sure to check this one out if the things mentioned above click your buttons. Just like HuniePop, this one is not free to play too.

11. Paladin Lias

Paladin Lias is a JRPG. At its core, it is a turn-based combat game with RPG elements in it. You will be playing as Paladin Lias, a heroic knight on the quest for gathering one million gold as alms for the church by any means necessary. By any means necessary, I mean that. The combat is the right old turn-based attack spell guard and items combat you’ll find in most RPG.

On your journey, you’ll assemble a crew of companions to help you in your quest. Then, you can get to know about each of them in self-contained episodes and subplots. It makes for an exciting game. Now, the reason why this is in this article is that Lias awakens a superior power. After that, people start craving for her and start giving in to their desires for her. The game also has 40+ CG scenes. I won’t spoil what those are, but you can guess by the other titles in this article. Maybe you’ll enjoy it and have fun with the story and characters too. Surely give this one a try as it is inexpensive also.

Summertime saga is also the similar game to Huniepop. If you have played it and want alternatives then check for games like summertime saga.

Final words :-

With that, the article comes to an end. Check out all of these titles if you like HuniePop. I feel all of these are similar to HuniePop in one way or another. Maybe due to the style of the game or the elements in it. It may also be the genre or the gameplay. So these are the games like huniepop. Anyways, that’s it, and that’s all. See you all next time!



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