Top 5 Games like Monument Valley to checkout in 2021 [Latest Games]

Monument Valley is a puzzle solving game that comes with its own quirk. Unlike traditional puzzle solving games, Monument Valley shatters a casual puzzle solver’s expectations.

Normally, you would find that the puzzle would be introduced to the viewer as a top down puzzle or just a puzzle viewed in third person camera.

But, Monument Valley uses in isometric view for displaying its puzzle. Isometric view is that the object to be displayed is viewed from the side. Either the left hand side or right hand side.

This opens up new horizons for puzzles to exceed and excel. For instance, the level design is much more improved due to this new found freedom. The puzzle has to be solved vertically as well as horizontally.

The objective in Monument Valley is to guide the player character through a series of mazes. Each maze coming with its own set of obstacles. Some of them include bridges, optical illusions, floating platforms, hidden passages and the like.

The player has to overcome these obstacles either by moving the obstacle or circumventing it through some other means.

Moving in the game is as simple as tapping on the block where you wish to go.

Another aspect of the game worthy of praise is its art style. The game uses simple geometric figures to create these back drops and mazes.

But, the usage of these figures creates an amazing scenery which motivates the player to discover what lies further on.

The game is short, inexpensive and easy enough for normal puzzle solvers. So if you are a fan of amazing artistic puzzle solving games, check out Monument Valley and give it a go !

Games like Monument Valley

Now what we are going to be discussing in this article is not just about Monument Valley, but about games like Monument Valley. It is a well known fact that there are tons of puzzle solving games out there.

But, once you play one specific title, you start to crave for more of that or similar ones that hit closest to home.

So, in this article we are going to be counting down several games like Monument Valley, be it either in game play, execution of story or even the artistic elements of Monument Valley. With that, let’s get started with the topic !

1. Lumino City

Games Like Monument Valley

First on the list of games like Monument Valley comes Lumino City.

This too is a puzzle solving game which requires the player to point and click to guide the character to their destination.

The best part about this game is that it is entirely hand made. With colorful card boards, motors, lights and such, this beautiful world comes to life.

The player then has to solve the puzzles created using these elements to proceed through the game.

Just like Monument Valley, each level has the player guessing for what comes next and the cycle of excitement repeats.

The game is available on mobile devices and is best experienced using a touch screen.

It costs $5 and might come off as expensive for some. But, the quality and polish that has been put in this game is definitely worth a try for any puzzle solver.

2. Back to Bed

Games Like Monument Valley

Next on the list of games like Monument Valley is Back to Bed.

Back to Bed has a hilarious story setting. The protagonist has a tendency of falling asleep in his office and sleepwalking.

Luckily, he has a guardian in his subconsciousness who has to now guide him from any sort of danger in his sleepwalking adventures.

Similar to Monument Valley, the puzzles of Back to Bed are isometric in nature. Meaning, you will have to carefully observe and solve puzzles in three dimensions.

On top of that, a fancy new quirk of this puzzle game is that it mixes obstacles from both dreams and reality to create something entirely new and strange.

With a hilarious setting like this and a fun game play aspect, it is quite obvious that a puzzle lover must try and figure this one out.

This too is inexpensive and is available for mobile users and pc users as well. Check this game out too !

3. Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

Games Like Monument Valley

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds is another game which belongs on the list of games like Monument Valley.

The title of the game accurately describes everything there is to the game.

The player controls a geometric slab like creature called Poco Eco. Poco Eco is on a quest of restoring the sounds of his tribe which were lost by reasons unknown.

To do that, all you have to do is to solve small puzzles to complete 12 levels. The game looks short when compared with other puzzle games.

But, the quality is top notch. Each level is beautifully animated with its own sound track.

So you will have lots of fun bouncing around in each level listening to electronic music all the while and exercising your brain cells to finish the puzzle.

The sound track of the composer is available on the play store too. So if you find it to your liking, be sure to check that one out too.

The game costs $4. So if you are looking for something to kill time with. Pick up Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds and help Poco Eco get the sounds of his tribe back.

4. Mekorama

Games Like Monument Valley

Mekorama is another deserving candidate on the list of games like Monument Valley.

This game is quite similar to Monument Valley in its art style and the way the game is presented to the players.

Mekorama is a game featuring a robot who has to make his way home. But the obstacles prevent him from reaching his destination.

It features an isometric view of the playing field and the puzzles are well designed too.

The objective here is to place the right object from a given set of objects in its required position. After that, the player has to twist and turn the object to make it fit perfectly inside.

The style of game play is fun and will definitely force your imagination to make out some way or the other in solving these puzzles.

The game is free to play on mobile devices and has a unique payment system. It is not necessary to pay to play the game. But, if you enjoyed it, you can opt for paying to support the developers.

In short, Mekorama is 50 levels of entertainment which can be quite the time killer. As it is free to play, be sure to check it out.

5. Ghosts of Memories

Games Like Monument Valley


Finally, the last game on the list of games like Monument Valley, we have Ghosts of Memories

To start off, among all the other games on this list, Ghosts of Memories is the most similar to Monument Valley.

The art style can look familiar at first sight and the game play of moving the character from one place to another is another feature which resembles Monument Valley.

But, the similarities end there. Ghosts of Memories is an entirely different game in its own right.

The plot of the game revolves around a traveler who has to free a woman trapped inside a crystal.

A magical scepter is given to the player which provides some of the most innovative game mechanics ever created.

Using the scepter allows the player to traverse another dimension. So, the puzzles require the player to go back and forth in these 2.5D environments.

Some changes in one dimension affect the other and vice versa. The complexity with this mechanic increases the difficulty of the game.

The game has 21 levels each with interaction between two dimensions. One more thing to note here is that Ghosts of Memories is arguably the hardest game on this list.

But, if you are a hard core puzzle fan, you will certainly find a way to persevere in these challenges.

The game is cheap and is worth every single penny. If you are looking for games like Monument Valley, this is the safest bet.

Conclusion :-

With Ghosts of Memories, concludes our list of games like Monument Valley.

Even after 6 years of release, Monument Valley is still being picked up and played by many puzzle solving enthusiasts. Maybe for its game play or its art style or just its short and sweet story, it certainly provides quality entertainment.

Monument Valley has been praised on many accounts such as its usage of geometric shape art style and game design. Though the difficulty could be higher up on the scale, but that was a design choice by the developers.

The developer wanted all players regardless of skill to experience and enjoy Monument Valley.

Another thing to note here is that the indie puzzle game industry is still thriving even though the gaming industry has seen a shift towards bigger titles.

So, with that concludes the article of games like Monument Valley in 2020. Try out these games and you will definitely enjoy some or all of them upon playing !




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