Top 3 Games like Terraria to check out in 2021 (latest)

Are you in search of games like Terraria ? There is no doubt that Terraria is an amazing game in its own right.

But, after playing Terraria for countless hours, there is a feeling of wanting something new and fresh.

If you have ever felt this way after playing Terraria, then I can surely help you out.

In this article, we are going to be looking at several games like Terraria. These may be similar to Terraria in a variety of ways.

For instance, they may be similar in terms of art style, game mechanics, way of progression or just plain old belonging to the same genre.

But, before jumping on to the juicy part of the article, let us look at why Terraria is great in the first place. After that, we will be starting with the list of games like Terraria.


To start off with Terraria, it is a sandbox action adventure game. Sandbox as in the player isn’t usually restricted or hand held into completing a specific objective.

Or, the player might be given an objective but with a lot of ways to accomplish it.

As such, Terraria doesn’t provide objectives to the player and lets the player work their way through the world of Terraria at their own pace.

The elements that constitute Terraria are exploration, combat, crafting, building and the like.


The player starts off in a 2D world with minimal equipment. After that, the player has to scavenge resources from their surroundings. For example, gathering ores, killing enemies to get materials or by exploring dungeons etc.

Progression in the game is pretty much straight forward. You can increase your hp and mana bars by finding items during your exploration or defeating tougher enemies.

Crafting is another system which adds some level of depth to the game play. Using the resources obtained from various sources, the player can craft different equipment at different work benches.

For instance, armor can be crafted at anvils, miscellaneous items can be made at work bench etc. By hunting down tougher enemies, the player can increase their stats by crafting high grade armor and weapons or just finding them during exploration.


Combat in the game is pretty much like old school rpgs. Being that the player has the option to use swords, bows, magic, guns and so on.

Like any other rpg game, the player will encounter bosses which are much harder but reward the player accordingly. Rare materials and items are dropped by defeating these bosses.

NPC’s start to occupy derelict towns after the player defeats these bosses. Several merchants who provide different services can assist the player in their adventure.

Overall, Terraria is a fun game and can be quite an adventure for the player.

Games like Terraria

Now, let’s get started with the list of games like Terraria.

1. Stardew Valley

3 Games Like Terraria

First on the list of games like Terraria, we have Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a slow paced simulation role playing game. The plot of the game follows the player inheriting a farm from their deceased grand parents called Stardew Valley.

Now, it is up to the player character to get the farm back in to running shape within three years. After three years is the evaluation time of the player about how much impact the player had on Stardew Valley.


The core game play mechanics are simple and reminiscent of other farming simulator games. The player can engage in farming, fishing, hunting, exploring caves for materials, take on quests, help NPC’s, cooking, crafting etc etc.

Helping NPC’s and resolving quests rewards the players with tools, materials or even equipment. These can be utilized for clearing the farm’s terrain or in hunting dangerous monsters within caves.

The game features an exhaustion meter. If the meter becomes full, the player will automatically be transported to their home and be forced to rest and wake up on the next day. This means that the previous day will be sacrificed.

So, proper utilization of resources is a must to effectively get around this element of the game.

Though the player will be evaluated at the end of the third year, there is no strict deadline that will end the game. Meaning, you can play it endlessly.

All in all, Stardew Valley is quite similar to Terraria even in its art style i.e the old school 2D rpg graphics (if you are familiar with those).

So, Stardew Valley is a great game if you are looking for games similar to Terraria. Check it out and give it a go. It is available on all the modern day gaming platforms for convienience.

2. Don’t Starve

3 Games Like Terraria

Next on the list of games like Terraria we have Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve follows the story of a scientist named Wilson who has to survive in a dark, life threatening world.

The goal of the game is simple. Keep Wilson alive for as long as possible.

The maps are randomly generated which implies that you may or may not see the same map twice. The movement and combat of the game is handled by pointing and clicking on objects of interest or enemies.


The player has to watch out for Wilson’s hunger, health and sanity which will be depleted due to various causes. During the day, the player has to gather resources like wood, food and craft various items to survive the night.

At night, monsters start coming out and the player has the options to either engage them in combat or try to escape them. This will have a toll on Wilson’s sanity depending on what option you pick.

One more important element of game play to note here is that, if the player stands in the dark, a figure named Charlie starts attacking them. So, gathering sources of light during in the day is vital for survival.

The player gains experience points depending on how many days they survived. Each day gives 20 points and the player has the option to unlock different characters using them.

Lastly, the game also features an adventure mode in which the player has to go against Maxwell (the villain of the game). It consists of five levels with increasing difficulty.

The game is 2D in nature and the view the player has is top down. The game’s style of play can look familiar if you have played games like Path of Exile or Torchlight.

All in all, Don’t Starve is an excellent survival game which will keep you on your toes for quite some time.

3. Craft the World

3 Games Like Terraria

Finally, the last on the list of games like Terraria, we will be looking at Craft the World.

Craft the World is mixture of several similar games. Fortunately, Terraria is one of them.


Unlike the other games on this list, Craft the World heads off in another unique direction.

Instead of letting the player control a single character, the player is given a third person view of a tribe of dwarves.

Yes, the player controls these dwarves and helps them flourish in each level. Each level starts off with one dwarf and rapidly the tribe starts growing.

The player has to issue commands to this tribe for building structures, defending their area from enemies, crafting new items and equipping the tribe with the best gear available.

The game borrows elements from many other tried and tested games. It has RTS (Real Time Strategy) elements to it. For instance, the player has to work within a few minutes and build enough defenses and offense to combat waves of enemies.

Tower Defense is another aspect of the game. Structures built by the player will have to be utilized to combat hordes of enemies.

Lastly, the player can not only issue commands to dwarves, but also use a variety of spells to make the lives of these dwarves easier.

For example, by using a teleport spell to transport dwarves from one place to another or use a healing spell to increase their health. Several possibilities open themselves upon progressing through the game.

So, Craft the World is an amazing time killer and definitely belongs on the list of games like Terraria. The art style is similar as well and the game play is some what similar to it. If you are into this genre of games, it would be a wise idea to look into Craft the World.


In conclusion, Terraria is an excellent game in its own right. By combining multiple genres flawlessly, it provides a memorable experience to the player.

Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve and Craft the world too provide the player with unique interactions and new game play mechanics which the player might or might not have seen in other games.

This genre of sand box 2D games are relaxing in nature and are not hectic and fast paced like AAA games which can be helpful if you are looking to recommend video games to any family member or relative or any friend who is into this type of games.

So, be sure to check these games out and give them a go !

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