Hellsing vs Hellsing Ultimate complete anime review

Hey guys, Read on for Hellsing vs Hellsing Ultimate anime review. Hellsing originally a manga seires, created by Kouta Hirano ran for a total of 11 years (1997-2008) and compiled 10 complete volumes. It quickly became one of a fan favourite seinen series. With the setting being of early modern England and a concept of vampires, vampire hunters, the remnants of a certain group and other supernatural entities.

Manga :-

The manga follows the adventure of Alucard, the trump card of Hellsing organization. Who works as vampire hunter despite being a vampire himself. After things start moving, it lands upon Alucard and Seras Victoria, Alucard’s recently turned vampire partner to uncover the truth behind the vampire attacks. The series was received quite well which led to an early and rushed anime adaptation in Oct 2001. Hellsing (anime) aired from Oct 2001 to Jan 2002, collecting a total of 13 episodes with each episode length being upto 23 mins. As there was a positive response for the manga, the anime was announced quite early on too. Fans were surely happy to the news of the anime but soon regretted it.

Hellsing (2003) :-

As the manga was still ongoing that too in its early stages. The anime didn’t have much material to work on. This lead to a deviation in the story of the anime after a few episodes. The anime utilized the same characters and concept but failed to take it further. After the introduction of the setting and the characters. Due to this, the anime did not have a proper direction in which way the story should progress. This left the series without a proper good story. The events happening in the story felt much more random and rushed which destroyed the continuity of the series. The studio censored the anime in particularly gory scenes which led to a lot of criticism. Overall the adaptation was a disappointment for not only the fans but the studio itself.

The animation was good for that time. But the character styles differs quite a bit from the manga which upset the fans. The most memorable part of this animation was undoubtedly the ost. The slow jazz that we got before Alucard showed his powers was the most pleasing thing about the series. The jazz had a slow theme which clearly contradicted from what was happening on the screen. But this contradiction and slowness somehow created the perfect mood for something bad ass.

Helling Ultimate (2006) :-

In Feb 2006, the series received 10 OVA episodes which ran from Feb 2006 to Dec 2012 with each episode length being up to 50 mins. The animation studio named this new series of OVA ‘Hellsing Ultimate’. Though technically Hellsing Ultimate is a series of OVA episodes. Hellsing Ultimate is a reboot for the previous anime. As it starts from the scratch. This adaptation is much more true to the manga. The story is much better and had proper continuity with satisfaction at every end. The series quickly recapped the events of the original adaptation to not leave any loose ends and by staying true to the manga it just kept the flow going. The quality of animation was much better and even the artstyle improved, giving the manga its justice. The animation is quite fluid
and pleasing for the eye. The studio adapted the gory scenes faithfully this time. Madhouse also changed the OST to better fit the theme and mood of the story.

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Final Verdict:-

Though it was good, it didn’t quite manage to surpass the slow contradicting jazz of the original adaptation. Nevertheless  there is no doubt that among the two adaptations, Hellsing Ultimate comes out on the top. The main reasons for it is the length, faithfulness to the manga and the superior production values and quality. So, This was my review for Hellsing vs Hellsing ultimate anime review.

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