How to Fix All-in-One WP Migration stops at 100% of import

Hey there, Are you here for a solution for how to fix All-in-One Wp Migration stops at 100% of import then I am here to help you out.Generally, All-In-One WP Migration provides maximum upload size of file of 512MB with it’s free extension.

If you want to improve the size more than 512MB to increase your import limit you can check this link.

All-In-One WP Migration makes easy to transfer our site from one host to another or for creating a backup for future reference.

You can transfer your backup from one hosting to another hosting by transferring data from c-panel also.

But it is a bit complex process than migration through All-In-One WP migration plugin.

In this article I will discuss how to fix when All-In-One WP migration stops at 100% .

So let’s begin with our main problem:

stopped at 100%

Fix All-In-One WP migration stops at 100%:

So, you have uploaded your backup or .wpress file and it has uploaded till 100% and it has stopped. Neither it’s showing your file downloaded or there was problem downloading it, Then it is the most frustating part. So let’s fix this:

1. You have to stop importing and try once again. Sometimes the uploading get stucks. So retry by uploading the file again.Hopefully you will see good results.

2.If retry method is not working for you then try to deactivate the plugin and delete it’s all data and install a 6.67 version All-In-One WP Migration plugin from the link.

3.Go to plugins>Add new plugin>upload the installed plugin>Activate it.

4.Retry the import process with the new installed plugin.

5. It would definitely solve the problem.

download is completed

If the above process is not working for you then you can go with the next method:

Check PHP configuration:

You can check the PHP configuration from c-panel of your hosting you can change “UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE” and “POST_MAX_SIZE”

relevant to the size of your backup.So that it would allow the backup files to be uploaded on new hosting.

You can also contact the customer support of your hosting to make changes in your PHP configuration.

Now you can retry the uploading process of your backup.

If your file size is more than 512MB then you can download the above older version of All-In-One WP Migration to get 32GB of maximum uploading size.So that you can upload backup on your hosting without any kind of error.So, I think now your problem has solved. If you are having any small query related to this the just try to comment below.So, that I can help you out within some time.



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