InterServer Affiliate program complete review to start earning

Before we get down to Interserver affiliate program review let’s go over what InterServer  is first! InterServer is a reputed and reliable web hosting company.

It is one of the major players in today’s web hosting and cloud services industry. It is a one-stop for various services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, storage hosting, and even maintaining online servers. InterServer also offers all of these at reasonable and affordable prices.The best part is that it is the best and cheapest web hosting sevices available in market. I’m confident these are sure to catch the eyes of some of you out there!

For those looking to make money out of this, InterServer achieves this in the form of its affiliate program. If you are not familiar with an affiliate program, let me clear it up for you. An affiliate program is one in which a company gives a commission to an outside party for advertising and bringing in customers by any means that the external party possesses. A lot of online businesses rely on affiliate programs to get their name out there. Sequentially, companies hand out a sizable amount of cash to their affiliates in the process.

So, let’s get down to it and allow me to provide you the details on InterServer’s affiliate program! I’ll give a rundown on the things InterServer offers its affiliates.It is free to join affiliate program unlike other companies who charge some amount to join there affiliate program. It will detail how much the company helps its affiliates in advertising it. It will provide you with a brief yet complete idea of the feasibility of InterServer’s affiliation scheme.

InterServer provides its affiliates with the following benefits:-

Benefits with Interserver affiliate program:

feature provided by interserver


If you are familiar with web hosting and website design, this might come as a given. Web hosting services provide a dashboard that contains all the useful information necessary for a website. In this way, InterServer offers its affiliates a neat and handy dashboard that keeps track of all sales and commissions the affiliate has done. It also keeps track of your payment history to check up whether a particular transaction has been paid or not. Finally, you can create and compare different sales campaigns over the dashboard. Believe it or not, this is vital in sales campaigning, and without a dashboard, it would be challenging to have a glance at all that data.

2.Affiliate Support

For any sales advertising or campaigning, the first step is to get a complete idea of what you are going to be advertising. Fortunately, InterServer has a dedicated support system for its customers as well as affiliates. Its support team is easy to reach (just an email away), which gives a fast response to queries. You can get some sound advice from veterans who might provide a boost to your performance. Lastly, you also get a personal assistant, which may or may not come in handy. In my opinion, this is pretty cool.

3.Promotional Materials

InterServer has made it rather simple to start-up in affiliation. You have to choose a banner from its site and place it on your website. So, whenever you get clicks and a sale on InterServer, it is a payday for you. It also has a collection of different banners and logos tailored to the needs of different user’s themes and choices of websites. You’ll also get to have a look at the comparison tests between InterServer and other companies.

With all that done, let’s have a look at the real part:-

Earnings and payments:

I have gone through and been to a lot of other web hosting providers and have found that they adopt a different payment system. Most of them have a multi-tiered scheme of payment. It means that as you go on making sales, your level of pay also increases. InterServer has a fixed amount, though. You’ll receive $100 per successful sale. That is quite a lot considering you can refer InterServer to your friends and family. You need fill and provide your tax information to recieve the payments.

Interserver Holds the payments for 90 days till the client renews his plan.

The things you need to consider is the payment will recieved only when the client or buyer renews his plan after 3 months. Otherwise you will not recieve the payment. Though the renewal charges are very low as $5 per month.Unlike other companies it provides the users to renew on monthly basis. So there there are many chances that the user may renew the services. So, that you can easily cash out with hundred dollars.

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InterServer affiliate program is definitely worth the try. It has a lot of cool features and is free to try. You can test it and find whether it is to your liking or not. They have a strong customer base, and you can check out their testimonials to see whether they pay the cash or not.


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