Lucky patcher for PC and Android Latest Version

Lucky patcher for PC is the main topic of this article. Lucky Patcher apk is an application modifier. Basically what it does is, allow you to change an application’s settings or change the variables present in an application.

If you ask how is that helpful to me, then my friend, you are in for a ride.

Lucky Patcher does that and so many other things which will definitely interest you. So if you were ever looking for Lucky Patcher apk download on the internet, then search no more.

I will guide you through every step of this process, so that you can enjoy the benefits of Lucky Patcher on your Android device as well as Windows PC.

What is Lucky Patcher ?

Lucky Patcher apk

Simply put, Lucky Patcher modifies an application’s settings according to whatever the user wishes.

Different users post patches, fixes and the like on Lucky Patcher which are available to download for everyone.

So, if you were looking to get unlimited resources in a particular game, you can search for the patch and enjoy.

Or, if you wanted to get rid of the ads plaguing an application, Lucky Patcher has you covered.

Maybe, if you wanted to get in app purchases for free, Lucky Patcher can do that too.

This is just the start of Lucky Patcher’s repertoire. Here is the list of features that Lucky Patcher possesses.

Features of Lucky Patcher apk

Lucky Patcher apk

1. Lucky Patcher allows for changing/modifying app permissions.

2. You can easily get in app purchases of eligible games for free.

3. There are several patches for different games with so many effects. Unlimited resources, energy etc can be obtained by applying these patches.

4. It allows for blocking of unwanted ads in applications.

5. Very easy to install and use. Requires only 5-10 minutes of looking up information to use it efficiently.

6. Wide range of support for applications.

7. Lucky Patcher helps in creating backups of applications on your SD card.

8. Helps in uninstallation of system apps like Messaging (if you use another message app), Health apps and the like.

How to download Lucky Patcher apk on Android ?

Here, is the main part of the topic. We will be looking at the process of downloading and installing Lucky Patcher apk for Android.

Step 1 :-

Download the Lucky patcher apk from the given download link.

Download :-Lucky Patcher apk

Lucky Patcher apk

Step 2 :-

Tap on the apk file after it has finished downloading. It will ask to give permission to Install from Unknown Sources.

Step 3 :-

Go to Settings and navigate to the Security tab. Scroll down and check the box stating Install from Unknown Sources.

Step 4:-

Continue with the installation by tapping the apk file and selecting install. Wait for a while and it will display a message.

Step 5 :-

Open it up and enjoy Lucky Patcher !

Lucky Patcher for pc

Unlike the Android counterpart, there is no official application of Lucky Patcher for pc.

But, using an emulator, we can emulate an Android environment for Lucky Patcher to run.

Step 1 :-

Download the Lucky patcher apk from the given download link.

Download :-Lucky Patcher apk

Step 2 :-

Open up the emulator of your choice.

Step 3 :-

Select the install apk button on your emulator. After that, navigate to the location where you have downloaded the apk on your PC. Double click on the apk.

Step 4 :-

The emulator will start installing Lucky Patcher apk.

Step 5 :-

Enjoy using Lucky Patcher !

How to use Lucky Patcher ?

Using Lucky Patcher is just as simple as downloading and installing it.

Upon opening Lucky Patcher, you will see the list of applications it supports on your device.

Tap on the application and it will display a list of options.

Select open menu of patches.

After that, select whatever patch you want to apply on the application. Press Apply.

Lucky Patcher will do the rest and you can use the patched application soon after.


1. Is Lucky Patcher safe ?

Lucky Patcher apk is 100% safe. I have personally tested Lucky Patcher and found zero problems of it infecting my device. Rest assured and download the file.

2. Will I get banned for using Lucky Patcher ?

Typically, Lucky Patcher only supports offline games or provides offline patches of online games. As long as you use those, you will not get banned for using Lucky Patcher.

3. Can I get in app purchases for free ?

Absolutely, if Lucky Patcher supports that application, you can get in app purchases for free for that application.

4. Can I remove ads of different applications ?

Yes, removing ads is one of the main reasons for using Lucky Patcher. So, yeah you can remove ads from applications.

Conclusion :-

Lucky Patcher is a useful tool with many features. It can potentially help you get rid of all the annoyances that plague the Android OS.

Check it out and enjoy the app !


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