Momoiro Closet for pc review

Momoiro Closet is a visual novel depicting the romantic comedy of an average high schooler and a student council president.

The circumstances that lead to their meeting and the relationship that soon blossoms are the story’s central theme.


The gameplay of Momoiro Closet is quite simple. The game is progressed by reading the dialogues that pop up and clicking the screen to advance to the next set of conversations.

Over time, new art and background will be shown to the player depicting the current mood or the scene.

Another element of gameplay in Momoiro Closet is that the player will have a choice between two routes.

Choosing one route locks out the second one and will only be available if you reload the save game before choosing.

Synopsis of Momoiro Closet

The player takes the role of Hashima Reiji, who doesn’t have any particular characteristics to his personality.

Whereas the female lead, Kagamihara Alice, is a role model student. She is the student council president and is an idol for her classmates and juniors.

But, due to a coincidence, they happen to meet up at an otaku shop. There, Reiji learns her secret that she is, in fact, an otaku.

From then on, it is up to Reiji to protect the secret of the student council president. Slowly, a relationship blooms between Reiji and Alice.

But, it is entirely up to the player to choose what personality Reiji has during the game.

Either Reiji can have a smooth and sweet relationship or a perverted one.

Both of them have their quirks and are fun in their ways. So it is best to explore both of them at your own pace.

Momoiro Closet Review

Art style

The art style of Momoiro Closet is, in fact, unique. The illustrations are splendid.

They fit the tone and mood of the story. Each scene depicting the emotions of the characters are handled well.

The backgrounds and color palette are used so that they do not feel intrusive or hurt the visual aspect of the areas. They just fit in naturally.

Akihabara, the mecca for otakus (based on real-life Akihabara in Tokyo), is the place where the bulk of the story takes place. Even so, Akihabara was portrayed flawlessly within the game.

The character designs are a treat for the eyes.


The game features English and Japanese language support. So, it easy to switch between the two of them.

Additionally, there is an R18 patch for the game.

This unlocks the game’s adult scenes, which are not present in the game’s standard version.

It is highly recommended to use the R18 patch, or else some parts of the “Sweet” route will look weird, and obviously, the “Perverted” course will be missing its flavor.

The game costs $30. But, if you are a fan of romantic stories or only a visual novel fan, it won’t look much to you.

The system requirements aren’t much and can run on almost any laptop, or pc provided it isn’t more than 15-20 years old. The game isn’t demanding on the system, so it is perfect for playing on low-end systems.

Get it here for Microsoft Windows:- Momoiro Closet

Momoiro Closet apk

Momoiro Closet android version is not available. If you were looking for an android version of the game, then I’m sorry to say that it has not been ported to Android yet.


Momoiro Closet is a perfect game if you are looking for a romantic comedy. The game’s humor and the characters will keep you entertained throughout the story.

The art is pleasing to the eyes. The game also has a choice between two routes, which determine the nature of the relationship.

Although only one female lead can be romanced, the game makes up in the content it offers. The characters are fleshed out as well and not just 2D robots without a personality.

So, if you were just looking up visual novels to play or were on the fence on whether to get Momoiro Closet, here’s your answer:-

Yes, try it out yourself and enjoy the game!

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