10 Best Notepad++ Alternative For Windows, macOS and Linux.

Notepad++ is one of the favorite text editors for many people out there. The text editor is written in C++. And the best part is that it supports various programming languages under the Windows environment. However, it has a few drawbacks. Hence there are quite a lot of people who are looking for the best notepad++ alternative.

And in case if this is the same case with you, then to help you out, I have handpicked some of the best notepad++ alternatives for Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. So let’s just dive into the topic without wasting much of the time:

10 Best Notepad++ Alternative

1.EditPad Lite

Notepad++ Alternative

First of all, I have the EditPad Lite, and it is one of the best text editors for Windows that you can use. This one is a compact, general-purpose text editor, and you can use it to edit any kind of plain text file as well as it features a bunch of essential features.

Such as, it offers you large files and extended line support. It provides you full Unicode support and includes complex scripts and right to left writings as well as you will be able to directly edit files using Windows, Unix, Mac text encodings.

Along with that, you get the automatic backup and working copies feature, which helps in preventing data loss. Plus, it has a powerful search and replaces feature, which will help you change multiple lines.

Plus, you can download EditPad Lite free of cost for your personal use. And if you are a government or business user, then you can purchase a license.



In case if you are using a Linux machine, then you can try out the Notepad. Also, you should know that this text editor is not supported by other platforms apart from Linux.

This text editor is designed for developers by developers. And it offers you support for more than 100 languages and can use it for your daily tasks without any issues.

As well as the text editor has a dark and light theme. So no matter which color scheme you like the most. You are free to switch.

Along with that, Notepadqq is the first text editor to offer first-class support for displaying mathematical formulas. And in case if you are running a Ubuntu machine, you can follow these codes to install Notepadqq:

sudo add-apt-repository PPA:notepad-team/notepad

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install notepad

3.TED Notepad

ted notepad

TED Notepad is a lightweight and free text editor that you can try out. As well as it is the best notepad++ alternative that you can check.

It offers you 368 text processing functions. Along with that, you will get a bunch of innovative features and timesaving tools.

Plus, on this text editor, you will find multiple hotkeys, and all of them are designed for quick and advanced editing.

Also, the text editor is portable, and there is no installation required. However, this text editor is only supported by Windows machines.

4. Atom


If you are looking for a notepad++ alternative for mac and other operating systems, you should check out Atom. Atom is an open-source text editor provided by the Github Team, and you can download it for free.

The best part of this text editor is that it offers you the ability to change the text editor itself. Along with that, it has multiple themes. So you can personalize the text editor.

As well as the text editor has quite a lot of other advanced features like modal control, project management, color display, and so on. It supports quite a lot of programming languages. And working with this text editor is pretty straightforward.

5. Notepad2


Notepad2 is also one of the best lightweight text editors that you can download on your Windows computers. It comes with the syntax highlighting feature. And the app is kind of the improved version of the Windows’s Notepad app.

As well as the best part of this application is that it can run on your system without installation. Along with that, it offers you support for multiple programming languages.

And you get some of the other features like Drag and drop text editing inside and outside Notepad2, Basic regular expression search and replace, Useful word, line, and block editing shortcuts, and so on.

6. TextMate

Notepad++ Alternative

TextMate is another popular notepad++ alternative for Mac that you can try out. This one is a versatile plain text editor that comes with unique and innovative features.

The text editor has support for quite a lot of programming languages. Along with that, it can be used for writing purposes too.

Along with that, you get some of the advanced features with this text editor. Such as CSS like selectors to find the scope of auctions and settings.

Also, you will get a Dynamic outline for working with multiple files, Function Pop-up for Quick Overview and Navigation, and so on. And the best part you can download it free of cost.

7. NoteTab Light

NoteTab Light

You can also check out the NoteTab Light; It one of the best Notepadd++ alternatives out there. It is the fastest HTML editor that you can try out.

NoteTab Light is a versatile text editor for power users as well as it features unique text processing. What’s more? With this one, you will be getting a simple tabbed interface. Also, you will get to enjoy speed while working with the software.

8. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the text editors available out there. It is supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops. This one is a shareware cross-platform source code editor with a Python Application programming interface.

It supports many programming languages. Plus, you can add new functions by installing plugins.

As well as the software is free to download. However, the only drawback it has is the slow development process. But overall, it is a pretty great software that you can use.

9. Brackets


Brackets are also one of the lightweight, sturdy, and modern text editors. Along with you will get visual tools into the editor. So you can get the right amount of help whenever you need it.

Furthermore, Brackets is also an open-source project which is supported by an active and passionate community. You can download the software free of cost.

With this one, you will get features like a quick Edit UI feature that puts context-specific codes and tools in line. You will get a live preview, inline editors, preprocessor support, and so on. Plus, the software is specially designed for the macOS.

10. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

In the end, I have the Visual Studio Code. This one is one of the advanced text editors that you can use. Visual Studio Code is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. And it is an official software coming from Microsoft.

With this text editor, you are getting support for debugging, embedded Git control, and GitHub. You are getting some of the other features like syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, and code refactoring.

Along with that, you will be able to add new functionalities with the help of plugins. Download the software free of cost.

Final Words:

So those were the ten best notepad++ alternatives that you can check out. So, check these alternatives out and see which one is working the best for you. Also, for any questions, you can feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out with your query.

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