Sites like :- 10 Latest and Greatest sites to use in 2021 is a site designed for people to watch movies, games and other content together. In this article, we will be looking at 10 sites like

As was acquired by Kast in 2019, it became important for users of to look for different options. functioned kind of like how Discord does for games. For instance, one person can create a room for others to join. After that, anyone can select the content from the virtual browser to start a watching party. had seamless camera, share screen, group chat, audio and video features which made it one of the best options to start a watch party.

Sites like

With that out of the way, let’s get started with the topic at hand :- 10 Sites like

1. Watch2gether

Sites Like

First on the list, we have Watch2gether. It is quite similar to in the sense that you can create rooms and share content to watch.

One good thing about using Watch2gether is that you do not have to sign up. You can easily create a room and invite your friends. After that, the host can share their screen and start watching on YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook.

The only downside of Watch2gether is that it supports only limited platforms. You cannot use your own video platform for watching videos.

2. ShareTube

Sites Like

ShareTube is another site like As the name suggests, this platform only supports watching videos on YouTube.

With this, you can watch synced videos on YouTube with your friends. It allows for creation of a playlist and has easier creation of rooms and invitations.

For example, ShareTube has one of the easiest room creations out there. You simply have to type the name of the room and press join. Whoever is joining can search by the name of the room and find it.

After that, you just have to copy the url of the YouTube videos you are going to be watching. Create a playlist if you want to.

Then, it’s time to enjoy !

3. Caracal

Sites Like

Caracal is definitely one of the best alternatives to Unlike the previous alternatives, Caracal also has mobile support.

This means that you can create rooms and have watch parties without needing a desktop pc for hosting and stuff.

For using Caracal, you have to sign up. After that, it will present you the options of creating a public or private room for watching. If you are just looking to chill out with strangers, you can join any public room or create one for others to join.

For just having a friends only party, create a private room and have a blast with your pals ! One other feature of Caracal is that anyone can change the program that you will be watching. This can be similar to passing the remote that we have in real life parties.


Sites Like is another watching party site which is quite similar to

The site allows for watching movies, videos as well as anime which might not have been available on the previous options.

If you want to use this service, you have to sign up first. After that, create a room, invite your friends and choose the video which you will be watching. It is as simple as that.

It supports YouTube, Disney+, Crunchyroll and Netflix but you can check out if it supports your favorite video platform too.

Group chat, passing the remote and voice chat are seamlessly integrated in this service.


Sites Like

If we wanted to talk about a site which is like but is even easier to use, we have supports watching videos from YouTube, Vimeo and music from SoundCloud. But, even with this limited selection of platforms, it can prove quite useful to you.

For example, if you only wanted to have a YouTube series watching party, you can easily go on to and start.

It does not require signing up too and thus, creation of rooms can be done within seconds.

With, you can prioritize speed and not waste time in getting everyone to sign up for watching videos. Also, you can share the link of your room for even faster access.

Another cool feature is that you can upload your own video and start watching that.

6. AnimeParty

Sites Like

AnimeParty is a site designed for anime lovers to watch alongside their friends. It has a vast collection of anime to choose from.

To start off with using AnimeParty, sign up, create a room and start adding anime to your playlist.

AnimeParty will handle the rest and start playing.

It also has a group chat feature on the side which can be quite helpful to comment on the show.

7. Tutturu

Sites Like


Tutturu is one of the best and most accessible sites like out there.

It is perfect for enjoying videos, movies and anime with your friends and family. The UI and simple design reduce all hassles and make it easier for everyone to join in on the fun.

Similar to, it hosts videos on its own virtual machines. This is beneficial as the upload doesn’t have to depend on the host’s internet speed.

The site also provides options of using it on the browser or downloading its app.

If you are using a PC, you can use the browser option to access Tutturu. But, you can also use it on mobile devices and tablets.

It is better to download the application on your mobile device or tab instead of using the browser to make future viewing simpler.

Tutturu supports a variety of platforms, so you will definitely find what you need on it. It is free to use and the premium subscription only removes the queue and timeouts.

8. Kosmi

Sites Like

This list would be incomplete without including Kosmi. Kosmi is definitely one of the best sites like

The design is simple but elegant and doesn’t hinder the user in any way. With Kosmi, you can create a room to watch movies, videos etc or even play games on it.

Kosmi features group chat, audio and video chat which enables live commentary.

It does not require any sort of signups or downloads. You can use Kosmi just by going to their site and clicking on launch.

It will then provide you a link which you can share with your friends so that they can join in. It works smoothly and without any sort of difficulties.

So, Kosmi is absolutely worth a try if you are going to host a watch party !


Sites Like is another site like which is exceptional in its ease of access and services.

To be fair, supports the highest amount of platforms on this list. So you can rest assured and easily find what you are looking for here.

To use, you have to sign up. After that, it is as simple as adding friends by mail or inviting them.

It has perfect sync to avoid delays. Webcam and microphone support to make the experience even better. also has an extension.

With that, you can use it almost any website to screen share. This makes it even better as there is a 100% guarantee you can watch anything on the internet.

Currently has perfect support for Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+,Vimeo, Apple TV, HBO Max and Crunchyroll.

10. Metastream

Sites Like

Last on the list, we have Metastream. Like some others on the list, Metastream comes off as very easy to use.

The layout of the website is simple enough to attract anyone visiting. The process of creating and joining rooms is very easy too.

Metastream requires you to download their extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Getting people to join is as easy as sharing a link.

It allows you to create playlists for uninterrupted watching. You can also install Metastream’s application which reduces the burden of going through the site everytime.

In addition to all of this, Metastream also has an optional Patreon subscription. It gives customized avatars and url links for the members.

All in all, Metastream is a great alternative to

Conclusion :-

So, this concludes the list of sites like After Kast obtained, it left a hole in the watch party community which used

Naturally, people had to look for other great alternatives which had the same features or even better than

These were some of the best alternatives to I hope this list was helpful to you !


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