Vodafone SMS Center Number – 100% Working SMS Center Numbers.

Are you looking for a Vodafone SMS center number? If your answer is yes, then read on. When you fail to send a message from your Vodafone SIM, and trust me, and it is one of the common issues these days. And there can be two reasons behind this.

Either you do not have sufficient balance to send an SMS. Or you are using the wrong Vodafone SMS center number. And as a result, you get to see errors like “unable to send SMS”, “Message Not Sent, Try Again,” and so on.

However, to help you out, I will share the SMS center numbers Vodafone with you. So you can start sending SMS without any trouble. But before that, let’s just know what an SMS Center Number is. So here we go:

What is a Vodafone SMS Center Number?

An SMS center or SMSC is responsible for handling all the SMS operations of a wireless network. When an SMS message is sent from your phone, it directly does not go to the recipient’s phone. But at first, it reaches to your nearby SMS center.

Then the SMS center forwards the SMS to the destination. The primary purpose of the SMSC to route messages and regulate the process. Also, in case if the rec recipient’s phone is unavailable because it is switched off or anything.

Then SMSC will hold the message to itself only. And when the recipient’s phone comes online, it will forward the message.

And all the mobile networks have their default SMS Center number. Even, you will find state-based SMS center numbers too.

Vodafone SMS Center Number

Circle Name

SMS Center No

Andhra Pradesh




















M & G


MadhyaPradesh & Chhattisgarh










UP East


UP West


West Bengal


How to Change Vodafone SMS service center number?

1st Step: Open the SMS app from your phone.

SMS center number Vodafone

2nd Step: Then, on the top right, you will find a three dots icon, click on it, and then go to settings.

3rd Step: Now, Scroll down to the bottom and tap on SMSC Number.

4th Step: Finally, enter the SMS center number based on your state and save it.

Vodafone SMS Center Number

Final Words:

So that was all for the Vodafone SMS Center Number. Now go ahead and try these SMSC numbers out and see if they are working for you or not. Also, if you have any more questions to ask, then do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out.

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